JW Marriott Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
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JW Marriott Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

By Kimberly Mirando


JW Marriott

(LEGAFI) -- The JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort, Spa & Golf subjected female employees to years of physical and verbal sexual harassment by a male supervisor, according to a class action lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission last month.


The JW Marriott sexual harassment lawsuit was filed after two employees filed complaints with the EEOC saying they and other female employees were subjected to conduct since 2003 that was “sufficiently severe and pervasive to adversely affect the terms and conditions of their employment.”


According to the JW Marriott class action lawsuit, at least two female restaurant servers at the resort in Las Vegas were subjected to aggressive sexual harassment by a male co-worker who later became their supervisor. The lawsuit alleges the unnamed supervisor placed the hands of female employees on his body, groped them, rubbed against them, placed his tongue into their ears and regularly made vulgar, offensive and graphic remarks to them. The plaintiffs in the case say they were “offended by the official’s sexual conduct and rebuffed his repeated sexual advances.” When they complained to management, however, the JW Marriott “failed to take reasonable steps to prevent and correct the harassment” and “instead permitted the harassment to continue and worsen,” the class action charges.


The EEOC said it tried to eliminate the unlawful employment practices alleged by trying to bring the hotel into compliance with law voluntarily, but sued the hotel after it failed to comply.


The EEOC said in the class action lawsuit that the JW Marriott manager’s conduct caused the women great emotional distress and deprived them of equal employment opportunities in violation of federal law.


The JW Marriott sexual harassment class action lawsuit is seeking an injunction to stop the alleged harassment, an order that the hotel institute policies providing equal employment opportunities for women, and unspecified financial damages for all victims found during the course of litigation.


The class action lawsuit is entitled EEOC v. JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort, Spa & Golf.



Updated January 24th, 2010

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