Home Depot Sued for Age Discrimination
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Home Depot Sued for Age Discrimination

By Kimberly Mirando


Home Depot
(LEGAFI) -- An 80-year-old Home Depot employee who says she was fired over 24 cents has filed an age discrimination lawsuit against the home-improvement giant in Queens County Supreme Court.


Ellen Strickland had been working at the Queen’s Home Depot store in South Ozone Park for over 19 years, where she had become a fixture of the store and was called “Mom” by her coworkers. Like other workers at the store, she would use the store’s cash-back policy to purchase something inexpensive in order to get cash back and avoid the ATM fees.


Strickland states in her Home Depot age discrimination lawsuit that one day she was called into her boss’ office after she used the cash-back policy to purchase 24-cents worth of screws in order to get $40 back. There, she was told that they had investigated her use of the cash-back policy and had decided to terminate her. Strickland’s actions, Home Depot said, “resulted in manipulation of inventory.”


Strickland claims she was stunned by the manager’s move because all the other cashiers were purchasing the 6-cent screws in order to get cash back, yet no action had ever been taken against any other cashier or employee that was younger than her. She claims it was even more shocking because just days before her termination she had been honored by the Home Depot store for outstanding customer service and had a flawless performance record.


“For 17 years, I’ve handled millions of dollars for the entire region in Queens, and they fired me for 24 cents,” Strickland told the NY Post.


“She didn’t even take the screws that she paid for,” said her lawyer. “If anything, she donated four screws to the store. This shows a blatant case of age discrimination.”


Age discrimination is a real threat to older employees. If you think you’ve been the victim of age discrimination at your job, you should discuss your rights with a lawyer.



Updated February 3rd, 2010

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