May Trucking Drivers File Class Action Lawsuit
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May Trucking Drivers File Class Action Lawsuit

By Sarah Pierce


May Trucking, Co.(LEGAFI) -- A class action lawsuit against May Trucking Co. accuses the Salem, Oregon-based trucking company of overtime violations, paying unfair wages, making illegal deductions, and even charging drivers to cash their paychecks.


According to the May Trucking class action lawsuit, drivers are paid just $50 a day during their “entry level driving program,” during which they work more than 10 hours a day for two months. They are also paid only for the time they spend behind the wheel, and not for time spent loading and unloading trucks.


The May Trucking class action further charges that May, which operates a fleet of more than 900 trucks nationwide, illegally deducts money itemized as “Oregon Work Co.” from truckers’ paychecks to cover its own costs of doing business. Further inaccuracies in their wage statements include not identifying all wages owed and not identifying the numbers of hours worked or the amount of compensation due to drivers for their work.


The class action lawsuit further alleges May Trucking drivers cannot collect their wages until the day after payday, and must use a company-issued Comdata card that charges a fee to collect their wages.


“[May Trucking] pays truck drivers using a ‘Comdata’ card. Wages are automatically transferred to a Comdata account, but funds are not readily available to the employee without charge. If truck drivers want to withdraw funds from the Comdata account via an ATM machine, for example, truck drivers must pay a fee,” the class action states.


The Superior Court class action lawsuit against May Trucking describes May’s polices as “unfair…immoral, unscrupulous, unethical [and] deceitful.” It is seeking damages and restitution for failure to pay wages, failure to provide itemized wage statements, failure to reimburse employees’ expenses, and more.


A copy of the May Trucking Wage & Hour Class Action Lawsuit can be read here.



Updated February 17th, 2011

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