Ford Recalls 1 Million F-150, F-250 Trucks
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Ford Recalls 1 Million F-150, F-250 Trucks

By Matt O'Donnell


(LEGAFI) -- Ford Motor Co. has issued a massive recall of 1.1 million trucks to fix problems with the fuel tank straps, which can corrode over time and cause the fuel tank to fall and drag on the ground. There have been three fires and one injury caused by the Ford fuel strap defect, which could lead to consumer class action or product liability lawsuits.

The Ford truck recall was issued after it was discovered the straps securing the gas tanks to certain 1997 through 2003 Ford trucks could rust, allowing the tank to become loose and drag on the ground. The recalled trucks include 1997 to 2003 F-150 trucks, some 1997 to 1999 F-250’s, and some 2002 to 2003 Lincoln Blackwood trucks, a luxury version of the F-150. 

The Ford F-150 recall only affects consumers in states with cold climates where road salts are commonly used. The salts can accelerate corrosion of fuel tank straps that hold up the gasoline tank.

Ford says it is aware of three fires and one injury that have resulted from the fuel strap defect.

Ford dealers will replace the gas tank straps on recalled trucks free of charge, and install new straps made from a more rust-resistant material under the recall.

This is the second Ford F-Series truck recall for the company this year. In April Ford recalled 1.2 million F-150 pickups because front-seat airbags could inflate without the vehicle being involved in a crash.

The Ford F-series truck has been the best-selling U.S. passenger vehicle for nearly 30 years.


Updated November 2nd, 2011

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#1 Gary 2014-02-26 15:58
I bought my 97 F-150 brand new and have babied it ever since. The body looks showroom new, but little did I know the undercarriage was rotting away. The frame under the spare tire is completely rusted in half, the brake lines have rusted through on several occasions, the bolts holding the manifold onto the engine are rusting off one by one. Also the windshield leaks and it has shorted out the control module under the dash causing the power windows, the windshield wipers, and the 4 wheel drive to not work. This truck looks like new, but it is a shame Ford built such a rust bucket that I will be forced to sell for scrap.

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